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Two Office Locations:

12443 San Jose Blvd suite 303 Jacksonville FL 32223

1555 San Marco Blvd Jacksonville Fl 32207

Contact Information

Tel: (904) 716-0757  Fax: (904) 425-0028

[email protected] (preferred mode of contact)

Dr. Williams' regular office hours are between 8am and 2pm M-F. Appointments outside these times are by special appointment only.

Psychological Services​



Dr. Williams continues to have extensive expertise in the area of eating disorders, but has a general practice providing psychotherapy for adults, adolescents and children with a wide range of issues, including life and relationship stress, depression and anxiety (including obsessive compulsive disorder). She is also an excellent therapist for individual's seeking overall personal growth and development. She has training in many models of intervention, but most patients value her down-to-earth, straight-forward, solution-oriented approach to psychotherapy that is sprinkled with common sense and good humor. Her patients find comfort in her natural, non-judgemental treatment of them as human beings, providing a practical wisdom that is weaved into solid professional training.



SINCE 2006, Dr. Williams has partnered with Jacksonville area bariatric surgery programs to provide education, support groups and behavior training services. She now works on a consulting basis with the various surgery programs to provide psychological clearances for potential surgery candidates. Unlike evaluations for patients interested in counseling and personal growth, the bariatric surgery clearance process is very straightforward. The surgery team and insurance companies want to make sure that candidates understand the importance of permanent lifestyle changes to have permanent success with weight management. If one does their part, the surgery can feel like a miracle; a second lease on life. If one does not do their part, however, then not only will he or she likely gain their weight back, but they can create problems with malnutrition or worse.

Evaluation Process:  Paperwork can be emailed to you, and an interview will be scheduled that can take 30-60 minutes long. The interview is preferably scheduled face-to-face, but telephone or video chat (by Skype/facetime) if also fine, if travel or schedule matching is an issue. The report will be sent directly to your surgery team, and/or to you by email, fax or USPS within a week. 24 hour turn around time is available for $25 expedited fee.

Fees: If you are covered by BCBS, Tricare, United Health Care (non medicare versions), then you will only be responsible for your co-payment/co-insurance. If you have Medicare, Avmed, Medicaid, then you will need to pay $75 for the evaluation, as Dr. Williams is not covered by these insurance plans. Cigna, Aetna plans seem to depend of the network benefits. To find out what your financial responsibility is, you may check directly with your carrier: Dr. Williams' tax id number is 20-8353364, and the medical code to be covered is 90791. They can tell you if she is in network and also what you will need to pay for your evaluation.


Dr. Williams provides gifted testing for children between the ages of 6 and 16 years using the WISC-V. 

Evaluation process: Please email to schedule an appointment. The evaluation takes 1 hour. Typically, feedback regarding score is available immediately after the appointment. The report  typically is available within a weeks' time. 24 hour turn around time for report is typically available for $25 expedited fee

Fees: $200 for evaluation and report. 


Dr. Williams' regular office hours are between 8am and 2pm

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